vet-tech-melissa-lima-dogsEver since she was in the 3rd grade, Melissa knew that her passion was to work with animals. Her uncle was a huge influence growing up, since he was a biologist and would bring home all different kinds of animals for her to take care of. In 2013, Melissa became a volunteer for the MSPCA. Shortly thereafter she became a full time employee, where she learned a plethora of information on animal care and behavior. Two years later, her dream job became available at Barnstable Animal Hospital.

Melissa loves providing excellent quality care to animals, as well as exceptional customer service to our clients. There is a great satisfaction in knowing that an animal went home feeling better and knowing that the owner is happy as well. She also loves the time she gets to spend with each animal and making them feel comfortable and secure.

At home, Melissa has two American Pit bull terriers, Moet and Sire. They love going to the beach and taking long walks, and are both great siblings to Melissa's human daughter, Olivia. Her other interests include playing soccer, travelling, singing, interior decorating, and spending time with her family.